What the Alexander Technique can do for you

Really the question should be: how you can use the Alexander Technique to help yourself. This is because the Alexander Technique is not so much a therapy, more a system of re-education for the body and mind. It can be applied to everything you do. Its aim, quite simply, is to free the body from strain and the mind from stress, thus promoting a pain-free way of being.

The effects of the Alexander Technique can therefore be very powerful as you are involved, body and mind, at every step of the way. Learning a new way of thinking through the Technique can have a positive effect on everything you do, but it is particularly good for:

  • Those who suffer from back pain…
  • Those who suffer from anxiety and stress… Read more >>
  • Musicians, singers and actors looking to improve their performance… Read more >>
  • Sports enthusiasts looking to achieve their personal best and avoid injury. Read more >>

To find out how the Alexander Technique can help you please call Susannah on 07919 333388 or get in touch via the contact form.

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