Small group sessions – Summer 2018

Focus on form to run your best…

The summer months are an ideal time to focus on the things that will help you to become a better runner. This series of small group sessions are a great way to learn new skills to improve your performance.  Each session is stand-alone and will focus on a specific theme.  So you have the choice to join any session or sessions you feel would be most relevant to you at any given time.  The group is kept small to provide the best possible learning environment.

90 minute session
Maximum 10 participants – all abilities and levels of fitness

£15 per session

Need more information or wish to book offline? contact Susie on 07919 33 33 88 or via the contact form

Dates and Booking for upcoming sessions:

Foundation for Performance and Injury Prevention
Individual Video Analysis: side-on video analysis to focus on your specific needs to improve your running form.

by attending this session you will discover:
* how to get a feel for integrated, balanced posture to improve functional movement and prevent injury.
* how to optimise your stride with better postural integration of your upper body and pelvis – the ‘power house’ for running.

Wednesday 20/6/18 : 7pm – Bristol College of Massage & Bodywork, Bristol BS8

Click here to book your place – you will receive a confirmation email with details about getting to the venue etc.

Future sessions:

Powerful Stride
Learn new skills to unlock the potential of your ‘Rear Engine’ to run with more power and resilience:
– improve upper body mobility to deliver more power through the hips and pelvis
– run smoother and faster, with more ease and less unnecessary tension
– improve postural integration to run with a more balanced, stronger stride

 Hill Skills
for improving how you tackle hills:
-improve posture and balance
-go smoother and easier up hill
-go faster downhill with more control and less impact








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