The Art of Running with Malcolm Balk – workshops and sessions in Bristol

Do you want to run better, faster, longer, or simply enjoy it more?
Are you fed up with niggling injuries?

Maybe it’s time to sign up for a running technique workshop with internationally acclaimed running coach, Malcolm Balk  

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced runner looking to improve your performance and avoid getting injured, attending an Art of Running workshop is the ideal way to set you off on the right track.

The Art of Running is based on the Alexander Technique, a method for improving posture, balance and coordination.   This practical workshop is suitable for runners of all ages, levels of fitness and experience.  You will be given ‘before’ and ‘after’ video analysis focusing on your individual needs and learn how to become a better and healthier runner.
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‘Malcolm is a master teacher’ says Marilyn Arsenault (pictured right, demonstrating the ‘Art of Running’)  Marilyn trained with Malcolm and went from running to keep fit to becoming one of Canada’s most successful Masters Runners (PB Marathon 2 hours 40 minutes)

photo: Jim Finlayson

Malcolm Balk lives, works and runs in Montreal Canada. He is an internationally acclaimed running coach and co-author of the best selling book ‘Master the Art of Running’. As an Alexander Technique teacher, coach and runner, he has developed a unique approach to helping runners improve their performance, increase enjoyment and reduce the risk of injury. He comes to Bristol twice a year (May and October) to share his insights with runners of all abilities.
Upcoming events – dates to be confirmed:
Running  Technique workshop for health and fitness practitioners – October 2015
Art of Running masterclass – October 2015
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One-to-one sessions with Malcolm Balk – October 2015

 To register for any of these events or for more information please call Susannah on
07919 333388 or get in touch via the contact form

For more information and details about other workshops held in the UK and Europe visit the Art of Running website.

“As a busy Sports & Remedial Therapist I see a lot of runners with various injuries preventing them from doing the thing they love. (…) The ‘Art of Running’ course highlighted simply and effectively the right drills to be doing to help runners obtain the most efficient running form and help stay injury free. This is a brilliantly helpful course. I would recommend it to all runners and therapists as a must.”
Rob Date, Bodyfix Clinics, Devon

“It’s been the single most eye opening experience of my running career so far (…) Often little blocks of learning make all the difference, and the course has proved to me that one can always acquire a new skill within running! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course to runners of all levels.”
member of Ware Joggers running club

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