If you’d like to improve your personal best, the Alexander Technique can point you in the right direction

Right: Working with a triathlete to help improve his performance

If you take part in any kind of sport and are looking to improve your performance or get more enjoyment out of your sporting activity then the Alexander Technique is for you. Perhaps you are picking up injuries and are not sure why or how to prevent further problems.

The Alexander Technique seeks to avoid strain in whatever you are doing and to learn how to avoid unnecessary tension when playing sport can make a huge difference. Sports men and women who practise the Technique become more efficient, and therefore have more energy for speed or endurance.

As well as being an Alexander teacher, I am also a keen runner. For many years I have worked on my own technique, with the guidance of inspirational Alexander running coach Malcolm Balk.

I can show you how to incorporate the principles of the Technique to improve your performance or simply the way you feel when taking part in sport or exercise.

Here you will find details about my sessions for runners

To discover how you can improve your performance or to find out more about workshops with Malcolm Balk please call me on 07919 333388 or get in touch via the contact form.


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